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Zsolt Nemeth

Camphora Consulting


Zsolt Nemeth is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who set up businesses in cyber security. His main interest is cryptography and network security. He founded MDS Ltd in the UK. He has consulted for financial institutions and built up bespoke solutions for them. After selling the company he has founded MDS Holding that has scouted, bought and licenced technologies.

Now he runs Camphora Llc with offices in Hungary and Luxemburg. He consults for venture capital companies and universities in technology transfer and innovation management.

He is building a new company based on a network security technology  He has 7 years of experience in cyber security, particularly cryptography.

Zsolt holds a Master of Science degree in Economics from Szechenyi Istvan University and a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Ecole National Superieure.


Black ICE or the feasibility and legal aspects of counter-attacks
I’ll talk about cyber counterattacks. The purpose of using active defenses is to stop a specific, immediate or ongoing cyber threat. Or even just signalling your strength to prevent further attacks. In most cases, passive defense is insufficient ensuring security, so an approach to eliminate the adversaries’ ability can be justified. Strategically.

But how about the legal consequences? What are permissible uses of offensive cyber capabilities? What can you do when you notice an attack from a state or a non-state actor? What’s the legal framework applicable when states employ third parties?