Advisory Board

Corporate Patrons
  • Lockheed Martin – Lee Holcomb, Vice President
  • Sallie Mae – Jerry Archer, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer
  • Accenture – Ryan LaSalle, Senior Director, Cyber Security R&D, Accenture 
  • SecureInfo – Christopher Fountain, President and CEO
  • Dr. Arun Sood, Professor Computer Science
Individual Members
  • Bob Lentz, President Cyber Security Strategies, formerly Dep Assist Sec, ASD/NII,
  • Dr. Alexander Levis, University Professor, formerly Chief Scientist USAF
  • Gen. Mick Kicklighter (Ret.), Director Center for Infrastructure Protection
  • Andy Purdy, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, CSC
  • Adm. Jerry Tuttle (Ret.)
  • Larry Clinton, President Internet Security Alliance
  • Ron Plesco, CEO National Cyber Forensic & Training Alliance
  • Ference Suba, CERT – Hungary
  • Yurie Ito, JP-CERT
  • Dr.Stuart Malawer, Distinguished Service Professor, School of Public Policy
Senior Fellows
  • Dr. Raymond Akwule, President Digital Bridge Institute, Nigeria
  • Scott Algeirs
  • Dr. Jan Allbeck, Assistant Prof., Department of Computer Science
  • Dr. Vitalij Garber, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for International Programs and Technology
  • Dr. Ramy Guirguis, RGITC
  • Dr. Ron Kurtz, former Associate Director, Carnegie Mellon Research Institute
  • Joseph Richardson
  • Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy
  • Dr. Angelos Stavrou, Assoc. Prof., Department of Computer Science
  • Dr. Duminda Wijesekera, Assoc. Prof., Department of Computer Science
  • Dan Wolf, former Director, Information Assurance Director, NSA
Research Professor
  • Dr. Rabinder Madan, formerly Program Manager, Office of Naval Research
  • Dr. Robert Mikelskas, former CIO Mitre Corporation
  • Thomas Preston, CEO and President I2 Sentinel Associates