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Setting up a CSIRT:

Source: CERT / CC – Creating a Computer Security Incident Response Team: A Process for Getting Started
Source: CERT / CC – 
Source: ENISA – 
A STEP-BY-STEP approach on how to set up a CSIRT
Source: AusCERT – 
Forming an Incident Response Team

Other Resources:

Source: CERT/CC


Source: SANS
  • A Guide to Encrypted Storage Incident Handling   
  • Security Incident Handling in Small Organizations   
  • Expanding Response: Deeper Analysis for Incident Handlers   
  • Mining gold… A primer on incident handling and response   
  • Creating and Maintaining Policies for Working with Law Enforcement   
  • Incident Handling for SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises)   
  • Baselines and Incident Handling   
  • Creating and Managing an Incident Response Team for a Large Company   
  • An Incident Handling Process for Small and Medium Businesses   
  • Incident Management 101 Preparation & Initial Response (aka Identification)   
  • Implementing a Computer Incident Response Team in a Smaller, Limited Resource Organizational Setting   
  • Building an Incident Response Program To Suit Your Business 
  • Developing a Computer Forensics Team 
  • Computer Incident Response Team 
  • Incident Response and Creating the CSIRT in Corporate America 
  • Corporate Incident Handling Guidelines

Source: Terena.org

Source: FIRST
Source: ITU
Source: US-CERT
  • Incident Management
  • Defining Computer Security Incident Response Teams
  • The Role of Computer Security Incident Response Teams in the Software Development Life Cycle

Source: NIST

Source: ENISA

Source: GovCERT-NL

Source: CERT-In

  • CERT-In Security Guidelines
  • CERT-In Case Studies

Source: Cloud Security Alliance

  • CloudCERT

Source: New approaches to Security – CloudCERT – Dr. Arun Sood