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Tyrus Muya Kamau

Information Security Consultant


Tyrus Muya Kamau is an Information Risk Consultant who’s specialization included TCP/IP level security, web services vulnerabilities assessment, remote promiscuous detection and GSM security research specifically on USSD. Currently he consults for a leading Mobile Commerce company with operations in over 8 countries across Africa. He is also principal at the implementation of the ISO 27001 and PCI/DSS compliance standards for various services interfacing with banks and other financial institutions.

Tyrus has been in the Information Security world since 2006, having worked with the Government and the private sector in various capacities. He has offered insights to trends information security risks to
the media including Computer World and PC World. On the side, Tyrus is a volunteer at OpenVAS, an open source project which maintains the open source version of Nessus. Tyrus speaks widely on information system security for organizations including private companies and government agencies. He is also part of the group which maintains the “Skunkworks Information Security Mailing list”. He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society. In his spare time, he is an avid role-playing gamer and is learning to play the clarinet.


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