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Tom Patterson

CSO, MagTek, Inc.


Tom Patterson is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for MagTek, Inc., the leading transaction technology provider to the financial industry around the world. Immediately prior to joining MagTek as CSO, Tom founded a public/private security outreach in concert with the Obama administration called National Security Grid, that aims to better secure the ‘critical million’ small businesses across America through coordination with FBI and intelligence community resources. Tom has had a long career in security, having worked on security for a space shuttle flight (STS-37), the maiden launch of a nuclear aircraft carrier (CVN-73), built industry leading security products (Net/Assure, CyberGuard firewall, TradeWave PKI), worked with the White House in the Middle East, run Deloitte’s security business in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, was CSO at America’s largest R&D consortium (MCC), built a startup internet company (Command) to $50 million in revenue, and served as IBM’s Chief Strategist for Electronic Commerce. Tom is also the author of Mapping Security, the corporate security sourcebook for today’s global economy(Addison-Wesley).

In his role as MagTek CSO, he was hired to organize Federal law enforcement and the banking and merchant communities around a simple goal: Completely eradicate counterfeit card fraud world-wide in the next 24 months. With the banks losing over 4 billion dollars a year and growing rapidly, the industry is ready to fight back. Organized crime has declared this fight, and it will take a unified effort to repel. In addition to leading MagTek’s security efforts internally and externally, Tom is active in public speaking and media outreach, and continues to work closely with Federal, state, and local law enforcement  on cyber-crime and related issues. Tom is a member of the board of directors of CyberDefender (Nasdaq:CYDE), provider of the earlyNETWORK of expert-assisted security to over 5 million users worldwide.

Payment System Security vs. Advanced Persistent Threats

Financial institutions have long been targets of the newest waves of crime, so it’s of little surprise to those CSOs in the banking sector that Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are now gaining significant foothold. What is less understood is the effect that APTs are having throughout the entire payment eco-system, from card holding consumers, through retail and commercial points of sale, hardware and software providers, processors, security service providers, cloud operators, interchange networks, banks, insurance companies, auditors, and finally investors.

This CSO-to-CSO discussion will define the growing global problem of APTs, using real stories from active cases across the eco-system, methods and results, and show why it’s no longer safe to simply fall back on security stalwarts like encryption alone. 

The talk is intended to advance the awareness of the ‘patient hacker’, and it’s messages are relevant to every CSO around the world today.

Contact Information:
Tom can be reached at [email protected], or on Twitter (@tomtalks) if it’s not confidential.
Ph: 1.562.546.6315