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Terry L. Janssen

Science and Technology Advisor, Lockheed Martin, US European Command


Bringing Governments, Industry and Academia Closer Together to Assure Global Cyber Security

The United States European Command (USEUCOM), along with NATO, has many responsibilities that include strategy, policy, and technology concerning cyber security in it’s area of responsibility (AOR), including international implications for cyber security and privacy. The topics I propose to overview from a USEUCOM perspective include the following conference topic areas:

• International Cyber Security Governance
• Policy, technology, human factors in cyber security
• Cyber warfare, intelligence, defense and preparedness
• Cyber risk assessment and reduction
• Cyber crime and other malicious activity

In my talk I will give my perspectives on these issues based my work at USEUCOM, but I will not be speaking officially for the US Government. I will include a discussion of these issues in relation to the recently formed US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM), a sub unified command under the US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), CYBERCOM together with USEUCOM has the lead role of the US forces to protect networks and global stability and to be adequately prepared for cyber defense, exploitation and attack. I will stress the importance of international cooperation of governments to assure global stability, and the importance of embracing academia and industry in developing with new, innovative technology to make our networks secure.  A primary value this Workgroup to me is that it will provide interaction and networking with other subject matter experts.  My primary focus is on academia and industry, however I will mention how USEUCOM is helping bring nation state leaders together, all for success in the global cyber security imperative.