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Terry Janssen



Terry Janssen has 25 years of experience in advanced technology, including applications for cyber security, cyber situation awareness and cyber operations. He is both an accomplished manager and technical contributor. A few of the technical areas in which he has made substantial accomplishments include systems architecture and engineering, network security, data discovery and text mining, precision search engine development, evidential reasoning, decision analysis, visualization, link analysis, cross domain data integration, and semantic technology including taxonomy, ontology, natural language processing and knowledge base development.

Currently he is a Principal System Engineer and a Chief Technologist at Lockheed Martin focused mainly on national security technologies and systems solutions. For the last 18 months: Chief AdvancedTechnology Analyst, Network Warfare Center, US European Command. Since he began at Lockheed in June 2008 he had numerous program management, and research and development leadership responsibilities.

From January 1998 to June 2008 he owned a small business, Expert Decision Systems (EXDS) Inc. that provided advanced technology research, development, and consulting. During this period he had continuous and overlapping contracts with clients including NSA, MITRE, NASA, North Carolina State University, Purdue University, Raytheon, Unisys, University of Chicago, University of Florida, USDA, George Mason University (most were subcontracts under DOD and intelligence community contracts).

From December 1992 until January of 1998 he was a Decision and Information Scientist and Program Manager for the Decision and Information Sciences Division of Argonne National Laboratory. During this period successfully applied advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, decision theory, modeling, simulation, relational and object-oriented database, graphic user interface, and collaborative work environments. He managed several projects that involved technology assessments, complex problem definitions and solutions, and system engineering. He worked very effectively with both executive leadership and highly technical subject matter experts. The U.S. Department of Energy was granted a U.S. Patent on his research and development, and he is named the sole inventor on that Patent.

From January 1985 until December 1992 he was Program Manager and Senior Computer Scientist at Computer Sciences Corporation where he was responsible for research, development and application of advanced information technologies.

He has a Ph.D. in Information Technology from the Volgenau School of Engineering at George Mason University, and he has taught classes as an Adjunct Professor, He has given many professional talks and authored over 50 publications mainly in journals and books, in addition to numerous technical reports under contracts. He has received numerous awards during his professional career.


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