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Steven R. Chabinsky

Deputy Assistant Director, FBI


Mr. Chabinsky serves as Deputy Assistant Director within the FBI’s Cyber Division. The Cyber Division manages all FBI domestic and international investigative and outreach efforts focused on protecting the United States from cyber attack, cyber espionage, online child exploitation, Internet fraud, intellectual property rights theft, and other high technology crimes. In 2009, Mr. Chabinsky completed a joint duty assignment with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) where he served as the Chair of the National Cyber Study Group, the Director of the Joint Interagency Cyber Task Force, and Acting Assistant Deputy Director
of National Intelligence for Cyber. Prior to that, Mr. Chabinsky served as Chief of the FBI’s Cyber Intelligence Section, where he organized and led the FBI’s analysis and reporting on terrorism, foreign intelligence, and criminal matters having a cyber threat nexus.



When approaching the cyber security problem from a risk management perspective, certain truths emerge – many of them unsettling. Current cyber security approaches, most of them focused on vulnerability mitigation, are costly and may not substantially reduce mission-critical risks. Network penetrations continue at an alarming rate, even as society grows increasingly reliant on computer networks and technology-enabled products. Can current cyber security strategies ever succeed given the existing technological and transnational landscape?