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Shaun M. Cavanaugh

ECJ62-A, U.S. European Command
International IA & Cyber Defense


Cyber Endeavor 2011 – U.S. European Command’s Premier Cyber Event

Cyber Endeavor is the premier forum for international military, industry, and academic professionals to collaborate and improve partnerships with the end goal of strengthening collective cyber defense capabilities. Cyber Endeavor is sponsored by the U.S. European Command J6 Cyber Defense Division. The audience for Cyber Endeavor includes military personnel from over 40 countries. Collaboration and familiarization is provided by all areas of government, industry, and academia, both foreign and domestic.

Cyber Endeavor Desired Outcomes:
– Underscore criticality of Cyber Defense in our collective cyber domain.
– Help meet the global challenge of securing cyberspace in a multi-national forum.
– Bring like minded nations together to develop cyber security best practices.
– Emphasize the importance of building partner capacity and capabilities.
– Build professional, meaningful, and long lasting cyber relationships.
– Enable nations to rapidly deploy with interoperable and SECURE C4 capabilities in support of multinational crisis response.

Video Clip on Cyber Endeavor 2020:

Cyber Endeavor has been mentioned by Adm. Stavridis in his March 2011 testimony before the house and senate armed services committees (, as well as in the March 2011 Department of Defense Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace.

Cyber Endeavor has been in existence since 2009 and is growing larger and more mature every year. We are looking for ideas from governments, industry, and academia on how to make this program an even bigger success in the following years.