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Roberto Baldoni


Extracting cyber warnings from Internet background noise through federated distributed systems

A federated distributed system is a set of loosly coupled autonomous nodes spread across different organizations that decide to pool resources for some common benefit. In these systems interactions among organizations are incentible compatible and regulated by contracts that have been usually negotiated off line.

The talk will elaborate on how these systems can provide a unique opportunity to form organization alliances to resist to large-scale attaks. Any organization that exposes services in the internet is indeed prone to constantly changing kind of large-scale attacks that, due to their increasing complexity, cannot be prevented through local perimeter-like defences. Contract-based federated distributed systems can be then the key to share knowledge among participants in order to both quicky react to ongoing threads and execute post mortem analysys of attacks.

The talk will finally concentrate on the recent findings of the EU project CoMiFin that is investigating the protection of the the Financial Infrustructure through federation of financial players (including ISPs, power grid providers), complex event processing mechanisms and peer-to-peer techniques.