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Patricia Titus


Cyber Security – Under Attack 

Today more then ever before IT and security professionals are plagued with threats and vulnerabilities while constantly being deluged with alerts and attack data.  What they do with all this data and how it relates to their daily activities can mean the difference between being attacked and not.  Never before has these professionals been faced with a more trying economic time fighting cost pressures with increasing threats and fewer resources.  The advent of Web 2.0, cloud computing and mobile devices has furthered the consumerizaiton of data increasing the risk to intellectual property, reputation and privacy.  Data losses are now in the thousands with the impacts being felt by the largest corporations to the private citizen. Privacy advocates have now joined the ranks with CIO’s and CISO’s realizing that data protection and privacy is out of control. 

In a complex digital world organizations, governments and citizens need to be educated on the threats and actions necessary to protect our global way of life. The Obama Administration in response to the cyber security crisis has taken action, releasing the National Security Strategy.  Many say it’s too little, too late while other applaud the action.  The US Congress continues to draft new legislation, but how much legislation is too much?  When will our constitutional rights be pushed aside in the interest of regulation?  Can this legislative body find a new platform for bi-partisan reform? 

Join Patricia Titus as she takes you on a Cyber Security journey: where we have been, how we got here and where we are headed.  Follow this journey from the early 80’s to present day, with recommendations from this industry expert.  Ms. Titus has deep experience as a CISO in both public sector and private sector and her knowledge and insights will help provide you with some key ideas in managing your Cyber Security journey.