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Pa Sara Drammeh


Cybercrime in third world countries especially inside Africa

How much of your life is dependent on Internet? How much of your information is stored on your or someone else’s computer? The simplest answers we can draw from these questions is that life is ever increasingly dependent on computers( and Internet ).This range from your Xbox to communication, transportation, medicine, shopping…etc. Therefore with such a high dependency on computers, neglecting the increase in Cyber crime is extremely harmful.

All banking institutions, businesses and many other forms of human undertakings today are conducted online, many more through real-time computing. However such innovations are not devoid of attendant risks, such as hacking into your computer systems thereby accessing personal informations and pictures which could be certainly misused. However various other dangers associated with cyber crimes include the introduction of viruses into your system, altering your files, change of passwords, stealing credit card information and make unauthorized purchases.

The above makes Cyber Security all the more important in order to protect your personal information by responding, detecting and preventing the attacks. It is imperative that such threats have made organizations and businesses continue to have ascending requirement for cyber professionals to protect their company’s records and private information.

Hence universities and colleges can come-in a big way by introducing Cyber Security degrees or associated degree program in order to produce professionals in areas such as cyber forensics, data encryption, network security, etc. Such programmes will ground and expose the student to most recent technology and ensure that digital information communication is carried in an appropriate manner that is secured from surveillance or attack by expert hackers and malevolent computer users.

Furthermore a degree in this field will provide one with an opportunity to work as a computer support technician, systems administrator, network administrator or similar positions. People with associate security degrees may enjoy following career opportunities and annual incomes.

It is widely agreed that career opportunities for cyber security professionals are expected to increase in the coming few years. The demand for systems administrators and network administrators will grow at a exponential rate.

The typical coursework for the Associate Cyber Security Degree includes Cyber forensics, Computer hardware, Cyber security, working with Computers and Internet, applied mathematics and software support. In the degree course program a student is expected to learn about anti-virus software, encryptions, firewalls, and other similar techniques to ensure the safety of data communications as per your company’s guidelines.

In conclusion universities and colleges can make a huge difference by way of developing curricula that are responsive and relevant to the dream of curtailing the menace of a spiraling growth of cyber crimes. This shall certainly make the ever growing digital world a safer place to maneuver in order to make the world a better place to live.