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Satyam Priyadarshy and Arun Sood


Satyam Priyadarshy:

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, is a Venture Idealist. He is the CTO and CoFounder of Enformed, Inc and CTO of Sustainable Star, Inc. Previously, he was Chief Knowledge Officer of Network solutions, Co-Founder of AOL Research Labs-US and Head of AOL Research Lab-India. Prior to AOL, Dr. Priyadarshy held many academic positions at Rutgers University, University of Pittsburgh, The University of Sydney. Dr. Priyadarshy obtained his Ph.D. From Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and MBA from Virginia Tech. He was co-investigator and principal investigator of several high performance supercomputing grants. He is an author of 30 research publications in international journals. He is an invited speaker a international conferences on scientific, technology and business conferences. He is also an adjunct Professor at Georgetown University and George Mason University. He can be reached at [email protected].

Smart Grid Cyber Security Framework – A framework for cyber security for the Smart Grid

The Smart Grid is an integrated systems solution where the electrical infrastructure and the information infrastructure are combined to increase energy efficiency and operational productivity, enabling us to meet the current and future energy needs.Smart Grid wil enable to integrate traditional energy sources along with the renewable energy, deliver the energy efficiently and empower the consumer in making energy choices.

The challenges associated with the electrical infrastructure as well as information infrastructures are well documented. One of the key challenges is cyber security, due to the nature of the integration and interconnectedness of various tools, hardware, software and other systems, via the Internet.

In this review, we present a framework for cyber security for the Smart Grid. The interdependency causes one to have a fully trusted subsystems, which in practical terms in impossible to achieve. Hence, the presented framework will guide on how to assure the Smart Grid is secure enough and the intrusion detection from unreliable devices is captured or mitigated in a shortest possible time.