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Nosseir Shirief

European Director of Security Management Solutions, CA Technologies


Shirief Nosseir is a European director of security management solutions at CA Technologies. With 25 years in the software industry, Shirief’s experience ranges across the fields of security management, service and infrastructure management, application lifecycle management and business intelligence. This allows him to have insightful understanding of how to assist enterprises in developing business-oriented architectures, while melding traditionally disparate technology disciplines into whole solutions. As Shirief interacts with many organisations and experts in the field, he is able to understand their experiences and challenges and help refine best practice solutions. He is a regular speaker at conferences and educational events and presents frequently at the Cloud Academy security sessions.


Evolving Security Infrastructures for the Cloud

While the benefits of cloud computing are indeed compelling, there still remain real concerns, particularly in the areas of security, privacy and compliance. IT professionals must diligently weigh the risks against the rewards in assessing their cloud computing strategy and implementations. 

This presentation explores the impact of cloud computing on security strategies and how it is reshaping the evolution of identity management, information protection, compliance and governance-related technologies and architectures. In particular, it is important in assessing cloud security to understand the various available approaches – security to the cloud, for the cloud and from the cloud – and the key challenges facing them. Also relevant are the availability and use of standards, including areas where lack of standards may hinder the commoditisation of security. 

The presentation also touches on the growing trend towards content-aware identity and access management and the key role it plays in bridging the traditionally separate identity management and information protection silos, how cloud computing is enforcing the link between security management and service management disciplines, the need to establish a holistic governance and compliance framework and employ a supporting architecture, and a quick look at cloud security use cases already implemented by some of the early adopters.