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Nicolas Fischbach

Director of Network Architecture, Colt


Nicolas Fischbach is Director of Network Architecture at Colt, a Telecom and Managed Services Provider.  He has been with the company for over ten years and before moving into this role was in charge of Network and Security Engineering and Operations.


Nicolas holds an Engineer degree in Networking and Distributed Computing and is a recognized authority on Service Provider security.  He has presented at numerous technical and security conferences, teaches networking and security courses at various universities and engineering schools, participates to various research groups and regularly writes articles.


Network Security for the Cloud

When speaking of the security of public or private cloud solutions the focus is usually on the data and/or system&application aspects. The network, while a key component is often taken as granted and the risks, but also the security mechanisms it can offer, are often ignored.

We will present the network security architecture we’ve put in place for our cloud offering and the various challenges when moving from a basic Internet access to a static virtualized instance to a “any network technology” bandwidth-on-demand connecting resizable and mobile virtualized instances. This includes on-demand scaling but also near-real-time replication and disaster recovery scenarios.

We will also talk about service delivery, service activation and service assurance systems. And finally also touch the legal and regulatory aspects of running these services in a multi-country environment.