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László Erdődi

PhD., Head of Research, KÜRT Inc


László Erdődi was born in Keszthely, Hungary in 1977. He graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2000. He got PhD degree, and graduated as certified ethical hacker in 2009. He spent 10 years at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an assistant Professor teaching several subjects.

Parallel to the teaching activity he participated in many software development projects as well as information security. From 2010 he is the head of research of KÜRT Inc.

His main research areas are the correlation based log analysis, grid computing and vulnerabilities of virtualized environment.


Ethical hacking of virtualized environment in practice

KÜRT Inc. is one of the most experienced companies on information security in Hungary. More than 10 years practice on information security resulted a very effective and useful methodology to fulfil wide scale of practical requirements of several clients all over the world. 

Cloud computing and virtualized environments are among the most popular development objectives nowadays, because of several advantageous characteristics such as resource consolidation, separation and remote management. As the application of virtualized environments dynamically increases during these years, KÜRT started to extend its ethical hacking methodology involving virtualized environments. Following international reports and research results a deep classification of different type of vulnerabilities was carried out (e.g. guest to guest, guest to host vulnerabilities) in order to be able to give up-to-date suggestion to the clients exposed new type of risks. In addition, KÜRT research and development department started to work on topical research projects involving university partners as well. 

This study summarizes the practical experiments taken by KÜRT over the last years considering the differences between regular and virtualized targets as well as important research topics from the point of view of practice.