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Kennedy Kasina

Information Security Consultant 


Started of as a programmer way back in the 20th Century – 1998. Having seen my first Unix in 1996, my desire to know it and interest in the open nature of its variant – Linux, led me to join forums and learn from the wise men of code and FOSS. KDE’s KOffice was the first project I was involved but I soon moved on to others contributing the little I could and its what’s contributed partly to who I am today in society.
Around 2000 is when my interest in Information Security rose but soon dropped due to the job market nature back then – you could only get jobs abroad or so I thought. Now I highly appreciate the turn taken by our Kenyan government to invest in Cyber Security and the avenues it opens for local experts in the field.

 No programming language is a barrier but I pride myself in firm knowledge of about a dozen.
 Currently consulting for the UN – FAO Somalia project as a Software Developer.
 Given talks and trainings at Universities on Information Security.
 Worked at several IT Firms and more so in mobile banking.
 Having given programming a bit of a backseat – IS has become my prime focus and I have been advising on several projects – lately with the GoK.

Notable achievements
 Global Recognition Award for Open Source back in 2009
 Fedora Linux Project Ambassador – Kenya
 PC-BSD Project Team Contributor – creator of the current PC-BSD OS Installer
 Co-developer of the OpenUSSD project – an opensource USSD engine.
 Swahili Translator on several opensource projects
 Just joined as BackTrack Linux project as a contributor on some tools.


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