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John C. Mallery

Research Scientist, MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 


John C. 
Mallery is a research scientist with the Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His interests range from cyber defence and artificial intelligence to international relations and politics. During the 2008 US presidential campaign he served on Barack Obama’s cyber policy team, and during the 1990s he was the principal architect of the White House Electronic Publications System that served the Clinton administration.


Escalation Control in Cyber Conflict 

Strategic thinking analogous to that which underpinned Cold War nuclear strategy needs to be developed and applied to cyber conflict. And a shared understanding  among the major powers can limit the cyber dimension’s potentially destabilising impact on political, military and economic competition. The talk will discuss a framework for analysis of low-intensity cyber conflicts, management of escalation via cross domain responses and suggest possible norms for reducing instability. It will include review of some recent dialogues with Russian and Chinese cyber experts which have driven development of these concepts of cyber conflict and cooperation.