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Edward P Gibson

Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft Ltd UK


Mr Gibson is the primary spokesperson for Microsoft Ltd UK on all cyber, hi-tech, internet security/ risk matters. This includes serving as the senior adviser to Microsoft’s customers, partners, government elites, and the public on how to best respond to the current security environment – from internal leakage of intellectual property to best practices for online cyber security – and how to improve their security through Microsoft’s solutions and services. One of the key skills Mr Gibson brings to Microsoft is his ability to forge and maintain strategic alliances across public and private sector organisations in an international environment. He is the link between Microsoft and industry specialists, government and academia, law enforcement and commerce, facilitating the sharing of security knowledge between these disparate groups.

Ed’s knowledge and experience was gained through a 20-year career as a Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He specialized in investigating economic espionage, complex money laundering, cyber fraud schemes, and intellectual property theft. From 2000-2005, Mr Gibson was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in London as the FBI’s Assistant Legal Attaché in the UK and Ireland responsible for all FBI Hi-Tech, Internet Extortion and Blackmail, Cyber Terrorism, Infrastructure Protection, Intellectual Property, and Crimes against Children investigations. His focus on how criminals exploit the internet and his investigative abilities have made him an ideal figurehead for Microsoft’s efforts in secure computing.

Before his appointment to the FBI, Mr Gibson served for 5-years as a lawyer in the General Counsel’s Office for a multi-national corporation based in the U.S. He is a qualified Solicitor in England and Wales, completed a 2-year ‘computing’ program at Oxford University, serves on several technology association Advisor Boards and Steering Committees, is a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society. Since taking on his role with Microsoft UK, Ed has lectured widely on world-wide cyber-threats and internet crime, social networks, and e-business & risk management. He is a sought after speaker given his ability to bring current security problems to life and make IT personal. Contact Ed by e-mail at [email protected]


Today is the Beginning of . . .

Despite the mutating threats of cyber attacks (e.g., targeted spam, online extortion or blackmail) a well-structured information security strategy can safeguard your business and ensure that risks are managed with commitment and understanding. Given the current economic times customers need that little bit of extra assurance they are taking the rights steps to protect their electronic landscape from Harvesters, Social Engineers, Organized Criminals, State Sponsors, and most importantly the ‘insider’ threat. But as the internet is not territorial or jurisdictionally bound our real world responses to increasingly sophisticated attacks are not as effective. So what do you do? Who do you trust? Using examples from his 20 year career as an FBI Special Agent (including the most recent 5 years when he was assigned as a Diplomat to US Embassy London in charge of the FBI’s UK and Ireland cyber hi-tech investigations) Ed Gibson will describe why he believes Microsoft is the only company with the necessary global reach to change the online security posture of the Internet. He brings security alive and makes it personal.