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Duminda Wijesekera

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
George Mason University


Duminda Wijesekera is an associate professor of Computer Science at George Mason University. He received PhD degrees from Cornell University and the University of Minnesota in Logic and Computer Science respectively.  He worked at Honeywell’s Research Laboratory and the Military Avionics Division before joining GMU in 1999.


Security Protocols for Operating Trains

I will describe security protocols designed to use on railroad tracks. Communication-based Train Operation provides signaling, authority and track status for operating passenger and cargo trains. Shinkansen in Japan, TGV in France and other modern trains obtain signals and track information using wireless network protocols such as GSM-R and LTE. Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 mandates American Railroads to operate their trains using wireless protocols by 2015, commonly referred to as Positive Train Control (PTC). I will describe my research team’s on-going work in securing the wayside interface device network of the planned PTC system.