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Alenka Brown

Center for Technology and National Security
Policy, National Defense University


Dr. Alenka Brown, SES5, is a Sr. Research Fellow and Professor at the Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University. Her roles involve: the Program Lead for the Human Interoperability Enterprise for Force Transformation under the Center for Technology and National Security Policy, Associate Chair for Energy and Environmental Security Policy, Chair for NORAD-USNORTHCOM, and Sr. Advisor to Defense Threat Reduction Agency for Research & Development and Innovation and Systems Engineering and Technology Office. Dr. Brown is on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Distinguished R&D staff and the Director for Human System Development for the Global Security Directorate on offsite-assignment to DoD.

She has held positions of Chief Scientist and Instructor for DIA Defense HUMINT, Senior Science Advisor to the ASD-Networks and Information Integration, and Special Advisor to the ASD-Special Operations/Light Intensity Conflict and others.

Dr. Brown’s expertise ranges from exploratory to applied research and studies for policy, strategy, operations, and innovative concept development. Her work ranges from cross-cultural communication strategies; human/social networking interoperability, social-knowledge interoperability; human-dynamics and information sharing; strategic policy for operational energy, energy conservation and behavioral change; national electrical grid, cyber and-critical infrastructure initiatives; command and control behavioral solutions, to systems engineering, next generation cognitive-behavioral autonomous systems, social-networking and trust building, information propagation; innovative behavioral approaches to asymmetric threats, complex operations, and stability operations, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Dr. Brown was the innovator and lead of the Innovative Behavioral Innovative Group (Oct. 2001-2003); the lead for the OSD/Congressional Tasking on Information Operations and Intelligence (2003-2004); the innovator and program manager of the Unified Process Environment (2006-2010); developer of the Human Interoperability program (2006-Present), founder of a new study in cross cultural communication strategies and behavioral psycho-metrics (2006-Present), and is developing a current initiative on Neuro-Linguistics Cognitive Connections (2010-Present).

Dr. Brown earned a Ph.D. in Human Factors Engineering; M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and a B.S. in Computer Science. She is a Certified Human Factors Professional and Neuro-Linguistic Practioner, and trained by Harvard Law University in such areas as Negotiation and Technologies and Negotiation and Difficult People.

Collective Consciousness and Cyber

As the global network evolves into the communication backbone of societies forming an intricate network of virtual highways, a new type of virtual collective consciousness emerges where the group dynamics are autonomous, operate with non-existing boundaries; and redefines loyalty, trust, and “identity.” This collective consciousness will influence future wars and will destabilize international critical infrastructures; reach
into personal thoughts, and influence cultures within days.

This diverse collective environment of individuals will understand how to track and neuter hostile software assailants, establish software armies, and defend against the many by collectively thinking as one. Through the basic fundamental structures of human communication, the collective will learn how to convergence multiple thoughts into one single deliberation that will be ever-adaptive, and thus, allowing morphing to meet challenges based on continuous behavioral feedback loops. Over time, the behavioral patterns of individual and the Collective will become blurred. How this can be accomplished and the reality of it today, is the focus of the presentation.